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August 17, 2007

To be Civilized

Filed under: 2nd Amendment, Thought — cygnl7 @ 12:57 pm

To be civilized is to restrain the ability to commit mayhem. To be incapable of committing mayhem is not the mark of the civilized, merely the domesticated.

– Trefor Thomas

August 9, 2007

Rush Still Rocks

Filed under: Music — cygnl7 @ 7:57 am

I took the opportunity to attend the Rush Snakes and Arrows Tour show in Salt Lake City. I am so glad I did. What a great night.


August 2, 2007

More MacOS Apps

Filed under: System Administration — cygnl7 @ 4:00 pm

Here are some more that I’ve come across to solve my various personal incompatibilities with the default Mac OS interface. I’ve also included an update on what has changed with the original list.


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