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February 8, 2010

Auto-bracketing with the Nikon D90

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Auto-bracketing is great for things like HDR, which I’d really like to get into more.  I don’t necessarily like when it’s “overdone” (although sometimes it turns out pretty neat from an art point of view), but I’m really into capturing more dynamic range to make the photo look more like what the eye can see.  Anyway, the D90 is capable of capturing three auto-bracketed frames at a time, and by default the photographer must press the shutter release once for each of those frames.  If you don’t have a remote this can be bad news as pressing the shutter release can move the camera and make it harder to align in post-processing.  However, I stumbled across a post that describes how to have the auto-bracketing happen with one press of the shutter release.  I’ve reproduced the steps here just in case that forum goes away:

1. Press the BKT button and set the bracketing to 3F by rotating the main command dial. Using the sub-command dial set the exposure increment to whatever you like. I prefer 1 stop intervals.

2. Go to CSM c3 Self-timer. Set the delay time, 5 seconds should be enough to allow the camera and tripod to stabilize. Next, set the number of shots to 3.

3. This step is optional. Go to CSM d6 and set the Continuous Low shooting speed to 4 fps.

4. Press the Release mode button and rotate the main command dial until the self-timer icon appears with the Continuous Low shooting icon above it.

5. Press the shutter release button. After the self-timer delay the camera will perform auto-bracketing with one push of the shutter release button.

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