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January 1, 2010

Prime Time Communications; Oh, Really?

Filed under: Rant — cygnl7 @ 6:39 pm

I’m looking for an internet connection faster than my 7mbps/768kbps DSL line.  The upload speed is just way too low (as I do big remote backups and the like).  I’ve looked around at fiber solutions but haven’t been able to find one that comes to my area.

Today I stumbled upon Prime Time Communications and thought I’d contact them about availability in my area.  I filled out their availability form and clicked “submit.”  404 – Object not found.

So I filled out their support form and included my availability request as well as a note about how the availability form didn’t work.  When I clicked “submit” it went to a completely blank (i.e., no source to the page at all) page.  I tried again just in case, and it did the same thing.

“Wow, this is not good.”  Next I tried to call their phone number.  It started ringing after about 15 seconds (strange for a phone), rang about 4 times, and then a recording came on and announced something like, “All lines are unavailable.”

Prime Time Communications really doesn’t want to be bothered apparently.

Ubuntu 9.10; Arg!

Filed under: Rant, System Administration — cygnl7 @ 1:46 am

I’m a long-time ubuntu user, starting back in the Hoary Hedgehog (5.04) days.  I have a file server that has been upgraded from 7.04 (or was it 6.10?) without much incidence (besides openldap woes, but that has happened every time so I’ve given up on clean upgrades there).

All that has changed with my latest upgrade to 9.10.


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