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April 24, 2010

Snow Leopard TimeMachine Backups to an Ubuntu Linux Server

Filed under: System Administration — cygnl7 @ 6:49 am

It works!  Perform this at your own risk; it’s unsupported.

First set up AFP:

Then make sure you enable using unsupported volumes:

Now add the new-in-10.6 plist: .  (This page actually has a script that sets things up for you; I haven’t tried it but it is a great idea.)

January 15, 2010

ssh keychain

Filed under: System Administration — cygnl7 @ 10:30 pm

For the longest time I’ve maintained my own ssh-agent management scripts.  Every time I set up a new box I’ve had to go out and gather the information all over again.  But no more!

January 12, 2010

Vimperator and Gmail

Filed under: System Administration — cygnl7 @ 8:28 pm

For a while now I’ve been tired of hitting ctrl-z every time I go to gmail to put vimperator into pass-through mode, and finally decided to see if anyone else had figured out a better way.  I found it. (more…)

January 1, 2010

Ubuntu 9.10; Arg!

Filed under: Rant, System Administration — cygnl7 @ 1:46 am

I’m a long-time ubuntu user, starting back in the Hoary Hedgehog (5.04) days.  I have a file server that has been upgraded from 7.04 (or was it 6.10?) without much incidence (besides openldap woes, but that has happened every time so I’ve given up on clean upgrades there).

All that has changed with my latest upgrade to 9.10.


December 30, 2009

Migrating from Gmail to Google Apps

Filed under: System Administration — cygnl7 @ 8:10 am

You’ve probably already seen the POP solution for migrating or importing gmail email to your shiny new google apps email. But then you’ll lose tags and original dates and stuff. Blech. This is a much better solution if you have access to a linux box. This originally came from the thamtech blog along with a couple of really helpful comments. I cleaned it up a bit and made it a step-by-step guide for ubuntu (but it should work elsewhere).


December 19, 2009

Module “xgi” Does Not Exist after Upgrade to Ubuntu 9.10

Filed under: System Administration — cygnl7 @ 8:26 pm

My Dell SC430 has an integrated card that worked with the Xorg auto-detection in 9.04. But in 9.10 it for some reason tries to load an “xgi” driver that doesn’t exist. After some research I found that xgi chipsets are supported by the sis driver. So I told Xorg to use that in the Section “Device” section:

Section "Device"
Identifier "Configured Video Device"
Driver "sis"

Now X works again!

June 26, 2009

Self-signed Certificates

Filed under: System Administration — cygnl7 @ 4:35 pm

Note that this is from a previous page I had that I’m republishing here as the machine that hosted that old page is now gone. There are some things that need to be clarified, but for now it is what it is.

Why become your own CA? Sure there are a lot of instructions out there that show you how to create self-signed certificates, but if you have a number of servers you’re doing this for, you’d have to give the certs out to those who want to use them for each and every service. This way you don’t. You only have to give them the public CA certificate and all of the certs you sign with your CA key will be acceptable to them. Besides, it’s fun for everyone involved.


March 23, 2009

Mac Stuff

Filed under: System Administration — cygnl7 @ 3:36 am

Well, if I have to use a Mac at work then I may as well have a little fun.


March 17, 2009

Quicksilver and iTerm Bookmark Integration

Filed under: System Administration — cygnl7 @ 6:27 pm

I wanted to make it easy to launch ssh’ing to hosts from quicksilver. I couldn’t find a really clean way to do it so I put together some ideas out there for myself. This is the result.


November 19, 2008

Parallels and VirtualBox

Filed under: System Administration — cygnl7 @ 12:22 am

I use a Mac at work. I’ve been using Parallels since back before VMWare Fusion was available. It’s worked fine for me. That was until I tried a newer version of Ubuntu. It seems that the Parallels Tools that come with version 3 won’t work with XOrg 1.5.2, and this has been a problem for a while according to the Parallels forums. (Not to mention the first time I tried to install Ubuntu Parallels Desktop crashed in the middle of the process.) So I decided to try VirtualBox.


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